Cellular Grout Production Services (CGPS) will come to your project location and set up a production station to create cellular grout or cellular concrete at the production rate needed.  CGPS can provide the batch design or follow the design provided by the engineers. Cellular Grout Production Services will test and maintain the cellular material at the density required by the project engineer throughout the entire project. CGPS supplies the batch design, foaming equipment, trained personnel and the foaming chemical at a flat rate fee per cubic yard.

Cellular Grout Production Services
Light weight road base over a parking structure. Las Vegas , Nevada

Cellular Grout is an engineered Portland cement slurry combined with precise amounts of density controlled foam. The Portland cement slurry and foam are mixed producing a lightweight mixture containing uniformly distributed air cells. In it’s rigid form it can be thought of as cement based grout having air as the aggregate. Density can be varied from 20-120 lb./ft3. Compressive strength ranges from 20 to 4,500 psi. are available.

Cellular grouting is becoming more and more commonly used and accepted within the engineering and construction community as a technology for filling voids. Some relevant applications include but are not limited to: pipe abandonment, voided slab fill, decommissioning and abandonment of underground tanks and structures, mine stabilization and abandonment, and annular space grouting. Cellular Grout Production Services is available anywhere in the United States. We work with owners, engineers, and contractors to develop project solutions using cellular grout.

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